About Hari Om Foods

How We Raised

It all started in the early 70′s, on a fine afternoon, when my Grandfather and his sons were having their lunch at home. They were relishing their South Indian lunch with a side dish of Tapioca chips which they had brought from a near by shop. A spark of thought occurred to my Grandfather that everyone in the city will buy snacks and why should’nt we start a business in this industry.


Yes, we have been in the food industry for the past 4 decades. During these years several research, trials and testimonials went in to the process. As a school kid I remember, we were ruling in this snack industry in and around The Cotton City “Coimbatore” . Along with my Grandfather, my Father and his brothers also were in to this field.

Now, in 2013, we have come up with a Brand name to this illustrious experience and the Brand name is “Hari Om Foods”.

The first Specialty Snack we are launching is Kaarapori (Spicy Puffed Rice). And that too we are introducing Kaarapori in 6 different flavors, while 6 to 7 more flavors are been considered/getting tested for production.

Our Kaarapori comes with NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors and NO preservatives. We add real ingredients and real flavors to our Yummy Kaarapori.

For sure we will bring back your Memories of that Nostalgic Mouth Watering Taste, through Our “Speciality Snacks with Lingering Traditional Flavors”.

About our flavors

As said above we are coming with 6 flavors.

  • Bhel Mix
  • Kaarapori
  • Mint Kaarapori
  • Garlic Kaarapori
  • Special kaarapori
  • Pepper Kaarapori

Except Bhel mix, all other flavors are manufactured with pure coconut oil.


To deliver this Exceptionally Good Quality Snacks to every snack lover in this globe.


To Bring back our Traditional Snacks to everyone’s reach on a everyday basis and that too with Exceptionally Good Quality.