Welcome to Kaarapori

Kaarapori made out of puffed rice ranks top among traditional Indian snack items. Hari Om Foods, packs this traditional Indian snack items with some delicious and spicy flavours thereby making your tea / snack time more interesting.

  • Special Kaarapori

    Spice up your taste buds

    For those who love to be spicy, this is a natural choice to go for. Its even more special with some fried cashews, nuts and bhujia.

  • Pudina Kaarapori

    Get Tangled by Mint

    Pori is best tasted with a mix of the mint flavour that tinkles your taste buds. We dont add just flavour but the natural mint leaves are mixed for the flavour.

  • Pepper Kaarapori

    Revitalise your energy

    Pepper is an age old spice that has both medicinal and culinary qualities. Spice yourself and revitalise yourself with our pepper kaarapori.